Crowds storm a shopping mall on Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving – known as “Black Friday” – is the busiest shopping day of the year.  News channels will often broadcast clips of people camping outside their favorite store days in advance.  And once the stores open, the crowds are absolutely maddening.  Fights occasionally break out between shoppers.  There was even a news headline a few years ago about an employee accidently being trampled to death as they tried to open the doors so customers could get inside.  Unbelievable. So what drives this kind of irrational consumer behavior?  Is it drugs?  Well, if you’ve been reduced to camping Continue reading


Technology has lowered the barrier for investors

If you were a woman or a minority in 1950s America, you faced some serious adversity in your pursuit of a paycheck.  Heck, that’s still the case in some parts of the country.  It’s an unfortunate reality that some folks occasionally encounter. But as investors, we get to operate under a different set of rules. You see, as an investor, you don’t have to concern yourself with age, race, or gender discrimination.  As an investor, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, black or white, fat or skinny, young or old.  It doesn’t matter what side of the tracks Continue reading


Investing is simply the art of making money, with money.

That’s a good question.  Here’s my answer: Investing is the art of making money, with money For a moment, dismiss the complexity that’s typically associated with the realm of finance and revel in the simplicity of this definition:  investing is the art of making money, with money. That’s all investing is. It involves the deployment of capital (money), with the intent to have more capital once the financial transaction is complete.  For example, you start by investing $100, and when you’re all done, you have $120.  That $20 represents your investing profit. Now, notice that I defined investing as an Continue reading